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About Kitmeer
A leader of educational engineering solutions all around the world.
Welcome to Kitmeer!

Kitmeer was established in 1998 as a virtual reality development company for educational and entertainment. Since then, the company has evolved progressively while its activities were diversified to include labs simulation, audio video communication, pilot plants building, and complete turnkey solutions. In 2004, the company started to expand worldwide. With offices maintained worldwide.

We have dedicated most of our resources to develop a new market in the Middle East, while attracting on board many of the renowned characters in their fields. Kitmeer started to emerge as one of the few real complete solution integrators in the region, as well as manufacturer for certain products.

Our product range starts from simple lab building up to simulation and training. Kitmeer brings the future to the Middle East now through our powerful array of strong allies in different fields.

In a nutshell
Kitmeer, taken from "Kit" and "Meer", means "Simple Kit". A perfect description for our easy to use products.
20+ years of business operation worldwide.
Customer Service
Fast and responsive customer service team with a senior engineer on board to ensure all your needs are met.
Products in all fields of Science and Engineering. If you need it, here you shall find it!
Products to match all levels of education, starting from the early years of school - all the way to any form of higher education.
Simple and easy to use website making the process of fulfilling large requests easier then ever before.
What can we do for you?

Here at Kitmeer, we do everything we can to ensure that your needs are being met. The team consists of many experienced engineers in various fields which have a passion for education and learning.

Furthermore, our products have undertaken a thoughrough vetting process to ensure they can truly provide for your students and are of the upmost quality.

With over 500 different products through all levels of schooling and different disciplines - Kitmeer really does have everything you could possibly need!